The MOVEnD™/ DIGInS™ product line
The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ concept. (.pdf )
The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ specification summary.
The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ stand-alone vs. OEM.
The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ commercial information.

The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ product line.

We have here a product line elaborated as a flexible collection of microcontroller based building blocks able to implement distributed, hierarchically controlled arrangements to lead processes in applied research and/or industrial applications.

The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ setups can directly control processes through firmware or clientware modules resident in EPROM or Flash memory, or act as low hierarchy, intelligent process control setups driven by ACTOReX™/e-ACTOReX™ , miniACTOReX™ or PC's.

A flexible collection of communication interfaces - RS232, RS485, and USB - is available for the MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ line.


The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ concept

Basically MOVEnD™ and DIGInS™ modules are compact, intelligent, information processing cores designated to displacement/speed measurements (MOVEnD™) and multiple logical status input/output (DIGInS™). The small footprint and reduced cost of these modules make them perfect for geometrical distributed displacement and logic status control.

Several MOVEnD™ and DIGInS™ modules can be mixed into a versatile configuration according to the application need. The individual modules communicate through a high-speed serial protocol allowing distances up to several dozens of meters between. One module configured as master, controls the others configured as slaves and meantime can communicate with a host computer. The master/slave role depends only on the firmware burnt in.

Any of the slaves, as well as the master, allow local complex application to be burnt in or downloaded. The one master, several slaves MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ can act as independent process control setup or can be driven by ACTOReX™/e-ACTOReX™ , miniACTOReX™ intelligent modules or by PC.

The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ concept is closely related to the distributed, hierarchical process control concept and philosophy. For a survey on MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ line please read it in .html or Acrobat Reader .pdf format available on the web.


The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ specification summary.

  • one channel incremental displacement transducer;
  • up to 8 digital I/O, bit configurable, TTL (depending on the options configuration).
  • 8 digital I/O, bit configurable, TTL;
  • expandable to 16 or 24 digital I/O, bit configurable, TTL (depending on the options configuration).
  • 80C51 8 bit microcontroller instruction set compatible;
  • 4 kB local program memory, OTP/PROM or Flash Memory;
  • up to 32 kB program memory, EPROM or Flash Memory (optional);
  • 32 kB additional RAM (optional);
  • memory mapped 8 bit I/O available (mapping space depending on the memory options);
  • RS485, RS232 and/or USB port (depending on options).
Extended options (on demand, depending on application):
  • local alphanumeric LCD display;
  • local personalized keypad;
  • local magnetic card reader/writer;
  • local barcode reader.


The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ stand-alone vs. OEM.

The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ modules are available in stand-alone as well as OEM versions. The stand-alone version is a packed, physically independent piece of hardware equipped with specific connectors. The OEM version is functionally identical with the stand-alone version but suitable to be integrated in the more complex customer product.


The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ commercial information.

The MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ product line is designed to facilitate customer complex process control setups, so the modules are to be ordered as spare parts. However, due to the complex and versatile application potential of the MOVEnD™/DIGInS™ product line we suggest the customer to accept our consultancy support that is free regarding the customer orientation.

The price and delivery time depends on the amount and configuration ordered. Ask for more information at Donna Maria srl:

phone: +40.722.346369 and +40.21.665.35.04


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