The ACTOReX™ product family.
The ACTOReX™ concept. (.pdf )
The ACTOReX™ specification summary.
The extended e-ACTOReX™ functional versions.
The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ applications.
The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ software environment.
The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ stand-alone vs OEM.
The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ commercial information.

The ACTOReX™ product family.

ACTOReX™ is conceived as a family of microcontroller based data acquisition and command origination blocks designated to act as control unit of physical processes in applied research implementations.

The modular and flexible conception make ACTOReX™ suitable for different degrees of application complexity allowing flexibility for development as well as compactness for permanent process control setup's. In the extended configurations Intranet and Wide Area Networking capabilities are available. The advanced capabilities allow options for mobile data communication and satellite positioning authorizing complex geographical extensive, mobile and/or remote applications.

ACTOReX™ is the core of extended e-ACTOReX™ version and of the new and specialized ATRACTOR™ (trademark of OnlineSolutions Media srl) data acquisition and control processor.


The ACTOReX™ concept.

The ACTOReX™ concept is closely related to the process control concept and philosophy. For a survey on ACTOReX™ and e-ACTOReX™ please read it in .html or Acrobat Reader .pdf format available on the web.


The ACTOReX™ specification summary.

  • four 12 bit, multiplexed, monopolar, single-ended input, ADC channels;
  • eight 8 bit, multiplexed, mono/bipolar, 8/4 single-ended/symmetrical input, ADC channels;
  • two 8-bit, unipolar, DAC channels or
    8-bit, TTL, programmable triggered one-shot/free running PWM;
  • six 16/32 bit TTL up/down/phase sensitive counters;
  • two 8-bit TTL I/O register, individual bit in/out programmable.
  • 8 bit 80C51/251 instruction set compatible;
  • 64 kB RAM/EPROM;
  • 16 bit I/O bus;
  • memory mapable address/data bus;
  • USB, I2C, RS232 communication.

The extended e-ACTOReX™ functional versions.

The extended functional versions of ACTOReX™ marked as e-ACTOReX™ are micro-PC based ones. These versions allow extended capabilities as:
  • PC-like local interaction and functionality;
  • MS-Windows, Linux and DOS OS's;
  • In-situ visual and operator interface capabilities;
  • Fast Ethernet based Intranet and Internet capabilities;
  • Web-based remote control.
The e-ACTOReX™ version is a built-in ACTOReX™ + micro-PC configuration.


The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ applications.

ACTOReX™ is connected to the controlled process through appropriate wirings and signal conditioning.

In a process control application, ACTOReX™ can operate as:
  • an independent intelligent process controller;
  • an intelligent process control peripheral connected to a local PC computer;
  • a process control workstation connected to a remote server.
Applications built with ACTOReX™ can be human operator independent or human operator controlled. In the case of human operator controlled applications the interaction is performed through the application human interface built in the computer ACTOReX™ is connected to. In the e-ACTOReX™ configurations only, the operator interaction could be performed through human interfaces built in the e-ACTOReX™ itself.

The application field of ACTOReX™ includes:
  • industrial and laboratory applied research local or remote controlled;
  • small and medium area mobile positioning and monitoring systems;
  • multipoint data acquisition, management and control;
  • standing and mobile bio-motric assessment, training and recuperation setup's;
  • standing and mobile medical survey, assessment and risk management;
  • satellite position monitoring and GIS related applications.

The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ software environment.

The ACTOReX™ software environment depends on the type of application the product is intended to. Basically there are two application situations:
  • independent intelligent process controller;
  • PC computer connected process control peripheral, this case including the extended e-ACTOReX™ version.
The first case implies the ACTOReX™ product to be implemented with assembly language application firmware developed for the particular application. Occasionally this firmware could be EPROM burned or PC downloaded through USB link.

The second situation implies an interaction between an application software resident in PC, (developed and running under a high level OS, MS Windows or Linux) and the process control peripheral ACTOReX™. The interaction is supported via specific driver and ActiveX control technology under MS Windows OS or the specific driver under Linux OS. In MS Windows, as well as in Linux environment, the application interacts with the ACTOReX™ resident firmware that implements the management of the acquisition and action hardware of the ACTOReX™ peripheral.

The ACTOReX™ resident firmware for the peripheral resource management and PC OS's driving software are featured with the ACTOReX™ product.

The application software, ACTOReX™-resident or PC-resident is to be implemented by the user in an object oriented high-level language technology. The wide application versatility of the ACTOReX™ proprietary firmware environment is based on the supplied peripheral driving methods repertoire accessible by the user from any high level object oriented language: C++, Java, dedicated process control application development environment (LabView, TestPoint, MathLab, etc.) and, in MS Windows context, MS Office active controls.

The Donna Maria srl Software Development Department offer, on customer specification basis, application development support and customer oriented complementary software at additional cost.


The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ stand-alone vs OEM.

ACTOReX™, regardless to the options configuration, is available in stand-alone as well as OEM versions. The stand-alone version is a "black box", physically independent setup. The OEM version is functionally identical with the stand-alone version but suitable to be integrated in the more complex customer product.


The ACTOReX™ /e-ACTOReX™ commercial information.

The ACTOReX™ product is available in a wide range of hardware and software configurations suitable for different customer tailored applications. Basically, ACTOReX™ must be ordered and is built under customer specified configuration. The guide of ordering information as well as free customer orientation and ordering support is available at Donna Maria srl.

The price and delivery time depends on the configuration ordered. Ask for more information at Donna Maria srl:

phone: +40.722.346369 and +40.21.665.35.04


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